My Education

I completed all of my education in Kentucky, including graduating with a 3.8 GPA in 2006 from the University of Kentucky College of Engineering.

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My Work

I’ve had one or more jobs since I was 16 years old. Learn more about my job history from tutoring in high school to working over a decade at Tolly-Ho Restaurant to Lexmark and now HP.

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My Life

Learn more about my life – from having (and losing) a full scholarship to UK to being a single mother to being unemployed and changing careers.

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My Ambitions

Everyone should have goals and ambitions. Though I’m content with my life, there always more I want to learn and accomplish.

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TechHeadI can be a techy nerd sometimes and I developed a separate website where I post things that I learn. For example, I have rooted Android, tweaked DropBox, personalized my Windows desktop, and jailbroken my iPhone.




I wrote my first HTML website in 2001 and have done it ever since. From personal to commercial sites, see my most recent work in my portfolio.

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