AWS Writing Samples

The following are samples of my work at AWS. I wrote at least 95% of the content on these pages. The text has been through technical and editorial review and is published publicly. To see the public version and view the text in context with the entire document, view the links at the top of each document.

These documents were last updated on Sept 24, 2018.

  • High-Level Concepts – This document is written for a casual administrator user to introduce the basic concepts of identity and access management.
  • Technical Concepts – This reference document is intended for a deeply technical audience, such as an IT Pro that wishes to completely understand how IAM authorization is determined with multiple, competing policies.
  • Procedural – This document introduces a special AWS-owned resource to users and provides a procedure for creating the resource.
  • API – This sample includes two pages from the IAM API Reference that demonstrate an asyncronous deletion process, where the customer must poll the deletion status for success or error.

High-Level Concepts

Technical Concepts



My Technical Blog

Since 2010, I have published around 300 articles in my personal blog. This is an excellent snapshot of my interests and writing over the years. As I wrote those articles, I created my own style guide to ensure that my articles followed a consistent style.




Style Guide