I’m an empty-nester with a 2300 sqft home full of STUFF. It’s time to downsize, so I’m selling a lot of my stuff on Craigslist. Below are the items I’m selling. Happy hunting!

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Embroidery Machine

PFAFF 2144/2170 Computerized Embroidery sewing machine and 3D software preinstalled on a Win XP laptop – $3000

  • Pfaff 2144 upgraded to a 2170 – purchased new on 01/01/2005 for $5888.94 and not including ANY accessories or software!
  • 3D system, disc, dongle, books – installed on the laptop and working – see THIS VIDEO of me transferring a design from the laptop to the machine
  • Creative Stitch Artist software (not installed)
  • Dell Latitude D520 laptop computer – Intel Core 2 Duo (1.6 GHz), 3GB RAM, 80GB Hard drive, 14.1 inch screen, DVD-RW optical drive, Windows XP Pro OS, Wifi ready, Microsoft Office and Photoshop Elements pre-installed. Purchased JUST for the embroidery machine because I couldn’t get it to work with Windows 7 or 8.1. The battery needs to be replaced, but it works as expected when plugged in.
  • 2GB of designs installed on the computer at C:\Embroidery Designs
  • Design pattern disks (7 + 3 re-writeable)
  • Grand hoop, Cap Hoopster, Hoop-it-all, Creative Fantasy Big Hoop, 5 other hoops (cap 80mm, square 80mm, another square 80mm, round 120 x 115, rectangle 225 x 140)
  • Stabilizer – around a dozen rolls of various types of stabilizer
  • Notions – All of the stuff in the notions drawer, including bobbins, needles, basic and extra feet
  • Needles – assorted machine needles for sewing and embroidery in labeled packages (around two dozen needles)
  • Embroidery thread – I’m selling the full package and there are HUNDREDS of spools of thread included, totaling well over $500 retail

The same machine sold on ebay for $1450 with less accessories and no computer – you would have to do the installation. I am a software engineer (yes, I have an engineering degree) and it took me hundreds of hours of troubleshooting and Googling before I got the software working with the machine. I tried other operating systems, virtual machines and spent hours and hours looking for drivers to download.

My aunt bought this machine brand new and a few years later she sold it to me for the trade-in value that she was offered at a shop. I had it fully serviced when I bought it. I used it heavily that Christmas and had it serviced again a year later. I haven’t used the embroidery machine in over 5 years. I have used it as a sewing machine a few times, and had it serviced at an authorized Pfaff dealer in Lexington, Kentucky within the last year. It works perfectly. But I’m just not using it and it’s time to let it go.

To demonstrate what a DEAL this is, see THIS VIDEO of everything laid out.
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Looking for some great electronics? These were all personal devices of my household. Nothing is stolen or locked by AT&T or anything. I can provide references for those that don’t know what a tech geek I am. 🙂

White AT&T iPhone 5 32GB – Damaged with original box – $200
AT&T iPhone has water damage and is stuck in recovery mode. Windows won’t recognize it for me to recover it with iTunes. The screen is flawless and there is a tiny ding on a corner. Craigslist link:

Blue AT&T iPhone 5c 16GB – $300
iPhone 5c with original Apple box and never-used original accessories. The phone was used for less than 3 months and has minimal scratches on the screen and no damage to the blue casing. Price includes a cute white silicone case with cutouts to show off the blue phone. It’s restored to factory defaults and ready to set up.  Craigslist link:

Dive Blue Samsung Galaxy S4 Active SGH-I537 UNLOCKED – $375
This Galaxy S4 Active is unlocked and in the original box. This was originally an AT&T phone and I unlocked it to loan it to a friend on T-Mobile for a few weeks. The screen is great, but there are dings on 2 corners and the rubber plug for the USB connection is gone. It’s restored to factory defaults and ready to set up. Craigslist link:

Logitech Harmony One Advanced Programmable Universal Remote – $100
This is a great digital, color digital touch screen, programmable universal remote. It works great and holds a charge. The problem that I have is that I only use two remotes now and the Logitech doesn’t work with my Bose sound system. Something about Infrared signals… Includes the remote, charging cradle, AC adapter, and USB cord. For the users manual and software, go to the Logitech website: http://support.logitech.com/product/harmony-one-advanced-universal-remote
Craigslist link:
Photo Feb 21, 4 58 59 PM

Kindle Keyboard, Wi-Fi, 6″ E Ink Display – $50
This was my first Kindle. It’s currently full of books that I loaded for a sick aunt that passed away before I could get it to her. Consider carefully before doing a software update or loggin in to your account if you want to keep the books. Or, reset it to the factory default and load all your own stuff. It’s in great condition. I don’t need it because I upgraded to a touchscreen Kindle Paperwhite. The purchase includes the instruction manual, a USB charging cable, the Kindle, and two covers.
Craigslist link:

Nook Color 7″ Android Tablet Rooted to cyanogenmod 7 – $40
Yes, the Nook Color tablet (that I purchased in 2012) comes loaded with an Android OS, but Barnes and Noble chop it off at the knees. You can only buy B&N apps at the B&N store. If you’ve never purchased a rooted device, I have placed instructions for how to get started on this device on my Epiphenie technical blog. See the instructions in #5, #6, #7, and #8. Or, you can reset it to the factory device and use it as Barns and Noble intended. It’s in great condition and includes a cover and two USB charging cables. I haven’t used it since 2013.
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